SEO Is Stoopid! (Unless…)

95% of people treat Google like the traffic fairy.

In fact, most people chase after Google like
they’re 17 and never had a girlfriend.

I’m not one of those people.

Cause let’s face it, Google is just a big tease!

Your rankings can drop like a hot cake any time
those sneaky Google engineers decide to turn the
dials a bit…

* The Florida Update (2003)
* The Brandy Update (2004)
* The Big Daddy Update (2005)
* Google Panda (2011)

Google has been teasing us for quite a while ;)

And those good ‘ol ‘gooroos’ are all too happy
to try and sell you some magic elixr (3-step
push button formula doohicky) that will supposedly
get you on the front page of Google.

And sure a lot of their tricks have worked
in the past… (for a VERY brief period of time)


That’s NOT the way to build a REAL business online.

So I want to share with you my “Google-Proof” SEO Formula
that’s focused on generating some quick cash…

Step 1: Select a ‘Buyer Keyword Phrase’.

Your first step is to target people who are
literally on the verge of whipping out their
credit card.

Here are some examples of buyer keyword phrases:

“Garnet Hill Coupon Code”
“Vitamix 5200”
“Vitamix 5200 Best Price”
“Blendtec Vs Vitamix”

All of the keywords above indicate people who are on the
‘verge’ of buying. They’ve already decided they want to
make a purchase.

Heck, they may even already have their credit card out!

At this point they’re simply looking for reviews, coupon
codes, best price, comparisons, etc…

And that’s where you come in!

By providing value and helping them to make an educated
purchasing decision you are rewarded with a portion of
the profits. Kaching!!

Step 2: Create Value. Google no longer wants to see
ugly, automated pages that you’ve created with some
sort of dodo push-button software.

Google wants to serve up the very best pages on top!

So… that’s your job. Deliver as much value as you
possibly can in your product review. Don’t slap up
some regurgitated content.

Instead, put some time into creating additional value
for the person that lands on your page.

For example, if you’re targeting the keyword
“Vitamix 5200”. Go the extra mile!!

Create a long, extensive review of this blender along
with videos, comparison charts, and Vitamix recipes.

Important Note: If you’re really lazy you can publish
this content on YouTube OR as a Facebook Note. Both
of which already have incredibly high authority so that
you can get ranked quickly.

But DON’T use this as your long-term strategy.
I would just use it to get some easy commissions
rolling in while working on a larger authority

Step 3: Build some link juice!

We all know that backlinks are one of the BIGGEST
factors in the Google ranking algorithm. Unfortunately,
it’s also the most time-consuming.

So I’ve uncovered a few shortcuts for you :)

* – Affordable high-quality link building.
To be honest I probably shouldn’t be giving this one
away so please don’t share it with too many people
as I’d like to keep it on the down-low. Most people
probably won’t read this far into the email anyway ;)

* – Self-Service store where you
can get indexed backlinks for just 20 cents a link.
Again, let’s keep it on the downlow ;)

* Fiverr – This is one of the best places to
get a wide variety of high-quality backlinks.
Press Releases, Article Submissions, Social
Bookmarking and whole host of other services.
Just make sure that the provider has a high
rating and good feedback.

And that’s it!

You’re now ready to climb up the Google ladder.
And if you follow each of these steps and offer
TRUE value, Google will hold onto you like glue!
You’ll be immune to all of Google’s updates :)

To check out my other caffeine-induced traffic
strategies, go to:

Back to the lab!!

– Kim

P.S. One of my students just recently sent me
a testimonial letting me know that she had
generated 158 new subscribers using just ‘ONE’
of the traffic strategies we teach.

I can’t wait to see what happens when
she implements a few more!

That’s what happens when you belong to
a community of A-players who all share
what’s working in their business.

It’s a mastermind of nerds!

But some very profitable nerds :)

We have a few more spots left if you qualify:

2 thoughts on “SEO Is Stoopid! (Unless…)”

  1. Thank you!  You put words to some unformed thoughts that I had about SEO for a while now.  I wish I was googleproof, but I doubt my newly formed blog would even begin to qualify.  I’ll check into your hush hush backlinking sites, thank you again Kim!  Btw, found you on twitter, glad I did.

  2. Hey Kim!

    Reading you is always both fun & instructive! ;)

    One question: would you still recommend the same “shortcuts” after the penguin update?
    I must admit I would be a bit scared… Watcha think?

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