I’m sick and tired! (please don’t ignore)

I’ve got a little bit of a rant today…

I don’t do this often.


I think it’s high-time that we had a wake-up call
in this industry.

You see – this business has been good to me.

I eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff.

It’s like the best video game on earth :)

But there are some others out there who want to
ruin it for the rest of us.

Instead of providing massive value, they’re shelling
out crap and putting a pretty bow on it.

Not cool.

There are other marketers who pretend to “care” about
their customers – but don’t seem to be able to answer
any emails.

Also not cool.

There are others who are trying to build “relationships”
with other marketers but at the end of the day – all
they really want is for them to promote their product.

Definitely not cool.

A relationship online is just like a relationship offline.

It’s a LOT more than just contacting someone when you
want them to promote for you.

Think about the people in your life who ONLY call when
they ‘need’ something. You probably avoid even answering
the phone if you have caller id :)

Building a relationship means YOU put in the effort first.

It means asking about their family. It means caring your
face off. It means asking the OTHER person what YOU can
do for them FIRST!!

Lots of people think you need 100’s of JV partners…

But the truth is you only need a handful of ‘strategic’
partners. People like you who are committed to providing
massive value to their customers and subscribers.

Things start to snowball from there.

If you look at any of the most successful businesses
online – you’ll find that almost ALL of them have
formed strategic alliances with other marketers.

No one gets to the top by themselves. You simply cannot
build your business to its greatest potential without
also building relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Give unconditionally – and it will come back 100x.

And if it doesn’t – don’t worry about it.

Being a good person ALWAYS wins out.

Sure… sometimes it’s hard.

Sometimes it includes many late nights and coffee refills ;)

But it’s worth it!

Business is a creative outlet.

A chance to serve at a higher level.

And at the end of the day, building a business
is one of the greatest journeys you’ll ever take.

So keep it REAL!

And do it right.

105 thoughts on “I’m sick and tired! (please don’t ignore)”

  1. Yes, you’re right on about this.  I’ve unsubscribed to a few from the Warrior Forum for just what you speak of.  They hook you first, then SPAM your Inbox with irrelevant, low value offers because they think it’s time to cash in on the relationship they built with you.

    Kudos & I look forward to the community getting better & stronger.

  2. Greetings Kim,
    Thank You for your honesty and what you say is totally true!  I have been keeping my eye
    on you for a long while and I must say YOU are the REAL DEAL when it comes to being
    an upfront person in every way!  Keep it up, girl!! 8-)
    I’m a Newbie and have been trying to find a good online business I can work with but every
    time I purchase a product they want to sell you the thing that is going to shoot your $$$$
    to the moon!  They didn’t mention THAT in the first place!  So how are you going to make
    $$$$ without it?  I get soooo angry with these guys!  I’m on a very limited income and can
    NOT spend the kind of money they want for their upgrade!
    Sorry for going on like that, it just ALMOST makes me want to give up!  But I’m still here!
    Thanks for doing it right!!

  3. Hey Kim,

    Well it is a good rant since there are just so many ‘experts’ out there that are making the industry a lot tougher for everyone else by building a bad reputation for Internet Marketers lately.

    I have made real friends who started just as a business relationship and I’m pretty sure they’d do anything for me now and I would do anything for them.

    It really doesn’t gets any better.

  4. Hi Kim, 
    sometimes it even takes ranting :) Nice to hear you ranting for a change. All business and no pleasure makes for a very dull… whatever :)

  5.  Kick some butt Kim ! . This is why in the beginning a couple of years ago , ok 4 years ago , I learned to steer away from the “one short hit product creators” who were blowing smoke up my you know what . And then I happened to hear about you . Even though I have never used your products before joining your marketing lab I learn and enjoy to from your hands on training , and it goes with anything thats marketed . Great dedication Kim and I recommend your coaching to any newbie that is looking . Keep it up and don’t let the bad guys get to you . Now should I comfort you hehehe .

  6. I’ve had the same thoughts when dealing with some people. It’s sad that some people only take and give nothing in return. I don’t understand how people can be so selfish. Thanks for voicing your rant, maybe one of the takers will read it and have second thoughts!

  7. Great stuff, Kim.   Your post offers so much on several levels.  First of all, you are right on about the marketplace.  Our market is loaded of takers — marketers who, as you say . . “shell out crap and put a pretty bow on it.”  But the good news is that this does create opportunity for those of us who are willing to “serve” others with great content and great products.  Your comment “Give unconditionally – and it will come back 100x” is great advice that all of us should take to heart.

    I believe many marketers in the web business marketplace are thinking small.  They are looking for ways to make fast money and not thinking about building a long-term, sustainable business.  This business is not difficult.  Focus on building a “relationship” with your audience and then help your audience get to where they want to go by offering products and solutions that have great value. 

    Kim, you offered a great “success template” in this post.  You stated in your post:  “I eat, sleep and breathe this stuff.”  And then later in the post you stated:  “Building a relationship means YOU put in the effort first.”  That’s it right there — get serious about this business and treat is like it is your profession, and then focus on building relationships with real people by offering real value.  As Seth Godin says . . . “Give to get.”

  8. That is a refreshing attitude, Kim. I’ve always liked your stuff, and I’m starting to build some real trust for you, too. Keep it up … you are definitely in the minority in this business!

    Warm regards,

    Arlen Card

  9. There have always been the “unscrupulous” and there will always be – we just have to keep doing what we do in our authenticity and create a more poignant message than the charlatans – we can learn from them and use that knowledge to evoke a “sweet slap” on the fast trackers on the wrong side of the tracks!

  10. well said kim.. I get a lot of my subscriber who send me emails to thank me for not bombarding them with offer on offer and thank me for sending information that they can actually use without asking for anything in return or pushing a product to them.. 

    It’s all about caring for the people on your list and provide information for them that will benefit them and their businesses.. and not about making the next quick buck..  

  11. I’m right behind you :-)) Action speaks volumes and words often times is just ‘hot air’ and accomplishes nothing. I’ve been listening to your webinars for a while now and I know your heart is in the right place. Keep up the good work!!!

  12. Love your post.  The economy is very tough out here and to add insult to injury some people with a special skill set are trying to get rich quick.  You’ve worked hard to get to where you are but many can’t even get past the schemers in this industry and many of them are very good.  They write good copy and send people off on wild goose chases.  Keep up the good work Kim and don’t let them frustrate you.  Many of yesterdays big gurus can’t even use their real names on the internet anymore. Hang tough.

  13. Great post, Kim. I too, have been frustrated by this very concern you so eloquently point off. This is an awesome industry and it should be treated and respected as such. Thanks for keeping it REAL.

  14. I’ve been doing this long enough to have purchased my fair share of crap believing what the seller promised, It’s taken a while to figure it out but I’ve learned that there are a few people that do offer what they say and are willing to help too. That’s why I’m here and not somewhere else! Maintaining a reputation is important and many have totally flushed theirs down the drain. Keep up the good work Kim it is appreciated!

  15. Wow!!!  That is so true.  Relationship is so important. 
    Since I have been using your products and reading your
    blog I have learned that it’s about providing value first,
    loving what you do and the money will come.

    Kim, you are so right it is not easy.  I work a job
    and I go home and apply what I learn in hope
    to someday to quit my job.

    It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

    I have not made a lot of money in the online business but
    I love doing it and  growing.  The more I grow, I believe
    the more I can pass on to others.

    ps. I just like  to say that you are GREAT!!!
    and I love your passion.  It’s contagious.

    Thanks for having such a big heart.


    pps: My brake is over got to go back to work : )

  16. “I will say it again……YOU  are one of the top Internet sources to follow. Everything you say just makes perfect sense. Hopefully, people will take it all onboard!”

  17. That’s a lovely and an wonderful way to approach this business. The lack of ethic and genuineness has inflicted upon this industry big time. I am really glad that we still do have people like you around, who actually care and give unconditionally. Its for people like you that there is trust still left in here….

    “Give unconditionally – and it will come back 100x.
    And if it doesn’t – don’t worry about it.

    Being a good person ALWAYS wins out”

    Awesome Kim! Just loved this… :)

    Thank you….

  18. filnally some truth,, this should be made into a
    free report with a link. so we can share it with
    Keep up the great work kim.

  19. I couldn’t agree more with you Kim. It has gotten to the point where all I feel like is someone’s
    personal ATM machine. The pitch is always the same. Sorry I have been away (spending my last products spoils) but now that I am back here is my latest Super Wiz Bang Instant Riches Gadget that you ABSOLUTELY must have in order to (Make me Rich) work your way to that AWESOME lifestyle you deserve!
    I unsubscribed from tons of lists and I still keep getting these emails. No wonder email delivery rates keep going down. It is a matter of survival for lots of people to hit that spam button.
    Thanks for the breath of fresh you always bring with your youthful insights to this interesting example of humanity (Internet Marketers).
    Rant Away!!

  20. Kim,Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It is the first time I comment on one of your posts but really got shaken up by what you wrote. I’m always afraid of writingbecause English is not my mother tongue, but I think what  is important is to give feed back and show that your work is important to us.I dream of making a living from the Internet and there were many times that I thought to give up, but themit is people like you that make me believe and want to give everything I can to build a business and take care of people,Since I joined your membership I learnt a lot. Your information is so valuable.Thank you Kim

  21. Kim,
    Great rant….erm…post.
    And you’re so right. It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘whats in it for me?’
    Weird…I’m just starting a new book just now called ‘The Go-Giver’….hmmm
    Health, Wealth and Happiness…Always

  22. Hi Kim!
    Just a comment from one of your ‘silent majority’ followers: “you are absolutely right on that one!”

    Keep up the great work you do for us!


  23. Hi Kim
    Knowing, personally, that you do business in a manner that is way beyond the call of duty I can only agree with all that you have written in your post. Relationships are all about trust and once that is established and people prove to be what they say they are then success comes. Many thanks again for all the free teaching you provide too.

  24. Its many internet marketers I have unsubscribed to their list because my intuition told me they were NOT real.They just want your money & DON’T tell you “How to succeed online”. Some do not even give quality nor value. BUT KIM……juicyness…need to say NO MORE…KIM keeps it real..

  25. Hi Kim,

    It’s the nature of the beast, you will always have the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…… that’s Life….but I must agree give and you shall receive….your boat can’t come in until you send one out!

    Thanks for the rant….

  26. Kim,Good to get things off our chest now and then and we, apparently all can relate  to our premis here.
    I’ve actually sent very spare emails to a number of  ‘consultants’ I follow who have not
    repsonded, including yourself (three PMs). I will generously blame it on gremlins in the email system but it is unfortunate when we are trying hard and not abusing the system and paying fair dollar. .
    I’ve been especially happy with your program , Kim, and the ‘over-deliverance; only the lack
    of replies was of concern but it could be those gremlins. All the best,
    Burt, Coupon King

  27. Thanks, Kim.  You have passion for your site and your business.  That’s what always brings me here.  I love my site, too, but it’s not just about the site.  It’s about the message, the passion, and offering something better.  Half the time I don’t know what I am doing, but what I do, I do with every fiber of my being.  And it’s the best.  Great article.  I love your pep talks.

  28. Great post Kim. Too many people put huge amounts of effort into the presentation and pitch of products which often turn out to be little more than something one could buy in a PLR store.


  29. >Give unconditionally – and it will come back 100x.
    I’m backstabbing and petty. If I give conditionally, can I maybe just hope for 8x or 9x? Seriously, I love your point.  A couple of my favorite marketers (duh, not you!) are getting greedy and it’s a bit disappointing.

  30. Totally agree with you, Kim. It is really hard, though, trying to do things right when clearly some ‘cowboys’ get ahead by NOT doing it right…. But I’ll keep trying, encouraged by your helpful advice and (occasional) rants!

  31. I agree that you have to put your associations with people first and that it will come back to you. I also agree that what is going on with Internet marketers is disgusting and depressing, and you barely touched the surface as to what is going on, in their attempt to live by the almighty dollar bill. I have no qualms in speaking my mind when I see that the only thing that an Internet marketer is trying to do is load his pockets at my, or our expense. Fortunately we have people like you, and a few others who really do give a damn about us.  Paul 

  32. Kim : I celebrate your determination, honesty and efforts to serve others consistently’

  33. Hi Kim
    Building a business is like building a  relationship…   hang on…   it is building a relationship!
    Cheers Phil Tozer

  34. Excellent job on wording your thoughts and feelings! 

    After reading it several times I honestly believe you have created a great outline for marketers to go by when building and conducting their businesses.  Hopefully some of those that are guilty of scamming and spamming us will see your article and figure out what they’re doing wrong.

    Thank you for putting it so well!

  35. Hey Kim,

    Great stuff and a rant worth ranting about. Personally I think product value took a dive mid last year with the invention of  crappy push button software sold on C/Bank. I’m glad they have put a stop to such crap as Russian spies and ex KGB operatives working as undercover programmers. I thought that was the end of IM. It does seem to have picked up a little since.

    As for giving stuff away. I completely agree Kim. It feels good to know that people are taking the time from their days to read your material. It gives you a buzz don’t you think?

    Thanks Kim,


  36. I love this post Kim. I have heard a lot about you from Lee McIntyre – my mentor as he was yours too! He says fab things about you! I soooo agree with everything you say. My life mantra is always to be the best person I can – in business and personal life. I love to read what you say because you are so obviously sincere and that shines through – keep doing what you do Kim. Good people will always triumph in the end – and we can sleep well too!
    With my very best regards
    Sue :-))

  37. I completely agree, as an up and coming internet marketer, these are the principles that guide me. Thanks!

  38. Hey Kim,

    I’m really heartened when I read your post. I’ve been rather disillusioned these days because of the entire marketplace and how it’s functioning by the “Hi, please promote my product. I will promote yours if you promote mine” mentality. I’m so glad that this post came at such a timely manner for me to realize that you don’t have to be part of the pack to make the sales, sometimes, being true to yourself will go the longer way. 

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