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  1. Hey Kim.
    Awesome video, thanks :)

    LeadPages are truly doing amazing things.

    One thing that people have to know is that these may not all be NEW opt-ins, but opt-ins for that particular piece of material, which can be awesome when segmenting your e-mail list based on interest.

    Kim, do you know how many new subscribers this box produced?

    Cheers from Iceland :)

    • Great point Siggy!

      Not sure how many of these we’re ‘unique’ opt-ins or new subscribers. If you have any ideas on how to track those separately let me know :)

      Although I don’t think we’ll worry about it. The other thing to keep in mind is that the more ‘actions’ people take with you – (Opting in to multiple lists, signing up for webinars, etc…) the deeper relationship that you develop with them.

      But overall, you’re going to increase your conversion rate.

      • Well, the only thing I can think of is adding tags to opt-ins when configuring your LeadBox. Unfortunately you’re using Aweber, and if I remember correctly, they don’t offer tagging.

        OAP and Infusionsoft does, however. (but they are pretty expensive..)

        But you’re right, increasing people’s engagement with you using easy actions develops a deeper relationship with your tribe. :)

        • An alternative is to use AW Pro Tools with Aweber which allows you to tag people and add/move to other lists and/or use that tag for segmentation later.

          I haven’t used it yet myself but it’s on the cards when our new site is finished….

  2. Terrific post and a great idea that keeps with the flow of the page. It certainly is not obtrusive, the coloring is good, it’s simple, and the call to action itself does not feel spammy. It is not surprising after seeing this that there would not be an improvement in subscribing and conversions…..Paul

  3. As usual, great content. Thank you, Kim.

    One way I increased my own WP site opt-ins that totally blew me away (increased my opt-ins by 850% – 8.5x!!!) was to use the free “Bottom of Every Post” plugin through which I added a very simple, no-graphics/text-only Aweber opt-in box at the bottom of every article that says “To subscribe to our safe & private email list, enter your details below. ” No programming or graphics necessary and no pop-up lightboxes (I tried those, but my visitors were complaining they were annoying, so I stopped them).

    I’m often wondering why everyone isn’t putting opt-ins at the bottom of posts. I suspect it’s because you haven’t tried it and shared it with your readers yet :)

    I’ve found that an opt-in box at the top isn’t nearly as effective as one at the bottom of every post. You want it at the bottom because that’s when readers are most interested in reading more of your content — right AFTER reading some of your great content.

    Let me know how this works for you. It takes less than 10 minutes to implement from start to finish and I think you’ll be as blown away with the results as I was.

    Thanks for all your great tips.

    • Hi Chattanooga,

      We’ve actually used opt-in forms at the end of blog posts before and they didn’t perform that well at all.

      Our highest converting opt-in tool is the pop-up. Pop-ups may bother a very small handful of people but you have to remember that you’re running a business. Not a hobby. And your subscriber list is THE most important asset. Also definitely be sure to test the design of your pop-up. That alone can make a HUGE difference in conversions.

      Michael Stelzner from SocialMediaExaminer.com once reported that 60-70% of their subscribers came just from their popup box. Keep in mind they have over 240,000 subscribers. Which means their list would be a small fraction of what it is today without the popup.

      As always… testing is KEY. And every market is different :)

      • You’re right about how the design of the opt-in form can make a big difference. Did you try basic text for your opt-in at the bottom or graphics? We tried various “fancy” boxes and graphics and none were very effective. It’s the basic text-based that worked. It was like a continuation of the article above it — only in bold type.

        I know lightboxes work for many, but we got such great results from the opt-ins at the bottom that we were able to discontinue using them. Even Aweber trains people to use pop-up lightboxes to get greatly increased opt-ins, so I know they’re extremely effective.

        Our revenue is 100% ad-driven so we want our site visitors to come to our site over and over, so the least annoyance the better.

        Anyway, this worked for us. Sorry it didn’t work for you. I think text vs. graphic might be the key if you had used a graphic box instead of plain text. I think that might be the difference versus the market in this case.

  4. Another awesome video as expected from you Kim =)

    Why do you put this stuff out for free?!?! hahaha. Man as soon as varsity is a bit more chilled I am SO joining you in the Marketing Lab…

    Definitely going to try out this tweak as soon as my site is up and running properly.

    Just have one question though… Do you create a separate newsletter sequence for every blog post then in Aweber as you probably send them a different opening email with the file attached?

    All the best! =)

    • Thanks so much for your kind words Mischa!

      No we actually put people into the same newsletter sequence. You certainly could segment into different sequences based on interest but right now we’re focused on keeping it simple.

      • Haha no prob. Just the truth.

        Ah okay sweet. Makes sense. Ya, I forget to keep it KISS sometimes and then chaos and frustration follows…

        But thanks for the quick reply and already keen on your next discovery. These “micro-videos” are an awesome idea.

        Take care =)

  5. Great tip. Thanks. I was wondering if you still use Adtrackz or can you recommend anything else? It’s not supported anymore, and I don’t really want any more monthly fees. Awesome video!

    • Hi Michele! I LOVE Adtrackz Gold. I especially love that it’s just a one-time payment. Which is rare these days. There’s a new one called ClickMagick.com – but it’s also a monthly fee.

  6. HI Kim,

    I really like the idea of ‘micro-videos’ rather than holding off until you have a enough for one 20 minute video.

    It’s the impression of ‘immediacy’ that’s great..

    It make members feel special because you’re letting us in on something you’ve really only just discovered.

  7. Awesome post, Kim! A 16% blog optin rate is unheard of. Way to go!
    You’ve been kind of quiet lately; are you cooking up something awesome?

  8. Hi Kim,

    I absolutely adore LeadPages and I’m using the LeadBoxes in a couple on places including the transcript download like Schramko.

    You know they have a podcast now called ConversionCast – you should get in touch with them to see if they will interview you!

    Thanks for the video and chat soon!

  9. Hey Kim,

    thanks for the nice video and the useful trick. I was just wondering if you can recommend another tool like LeadPages which does the trick? I don’t have LeadPages and I thought there must be an alternative (I know it’s probably the best). Otherwise I’m thinking about a opt-in box or maybe a redirect to a squeezepage?

  10. I LIKE IT……simple techniques Kim……love the idea of using the second button…I’ll give it a go……also really loved the idea of promoting transcripts……so simple…never thought about it before…thanks heaps…Shane..
    I noticed Marco’s comments below…….I’ve just started to create another blog template with OptmizePress…I pretty sure they got a similar pop up box…..need to put time in on that one!?!?…if not could is there a plugin for that sort of thing…..might seem a basic question….but this stuff is new to me……

  11. Genius…. I have just purchased Lead Pages and have got Lead Boxes in there too…. perfect timing for me, thanks!


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