Simple Tweaks Grow Your Business by 500%

I’ve just created a LIVE video for ya :)

I haven’t done this in quite a while so I wanted to put together
something extra special for you.

So in the video below I reveal 2 simple marketing strategies
that will grow your business by at least 500% in 2010…

P.S. Be sure and leave me a comment so I know if you guys like this sort of format :) I’m really looking forward to your feedback and interacting with you in the comments section below.

77 thoughts on “Simple Tweaks Grow Your Business by 500%”

    • Thanks Onibalusi!

      Really appreciate the great feedback :)

      I used a Logitech Webcam to record the video (Logitech QuickCam Orbit MP 1.3MP Motorized Pan/Tilt/Webcam)

      Then I imported into Camtasia to pull it all together. Then uploaded using EZS3.



  1. Is the video constantly skipping for anyone else? It stops about every 6 seconds for me. I don't know if I'll make it through the full 33 minutes with so many annoying pauses.

  2. Hello, Kim…….David Hake here. Great presentation. PLEASE, if you know someone who allows 'Join now, pay later', please let me know who they are. Thank you. Sincerely,………….David H.

  3. Kim

    Enjoyed the video. Some great content there as always. Have you done a split test with the 'Ugly Text Only' Video Sales letter against the 'Video Boss' style sales letter. I'd luuuurrrrrvvvvveeee to know what the result of that would be?


  4. Hi Kim

    Really like the video – I like your laid back style, it really makes it easier to watch for the full 33 minutes.

    I enjoyed the strategies in the video and possibly 33 minutes may be a little long – up to 20 minutes of content would be more watchable, that's my own personal opinion.

    I think I would like to see perhaps a short video showing a “weekly traffic tip” or something like that, or perhaps if you were thinking of doing non traffic video's as well, I would go for things like building squeeze pages, using wordpress etc.

    Anyhow, it was a well shot interesting video, what more can I say

    All the best

    Keith Everett

    • Hey Keith!

      Yeah, I agree. I'm thinking 10-20 minutes would be the sweet spot.

      I've actually been thinking about doing a daily video. Something quick, but powerful each day that you can quickly implement to grow your business. Love to get your feedback!

  5. Great info Kim….Agree that testing is so critical to seeing improvement in IM results. BTW, you have a great voice for recording- its easy to listen to!

  6. Greetings Kim;

    Content informative, video quality very good,
    dressing down to maintain focus on the specificity
    of content, noted and appreciated. Monotone voice,
    very relaxed, layed back attitude, really refreshing.

    Excellent presentation, megnetic personality,
    visually pleasing to the eye, in this scenerio very
    little sayz alot and loudly, your appeal roars, talk
    at you soon. Thanks for sharing.

    =>Stay Frosty !

  7. Hi Kim,
    Good stuff as always. It is skipping. It is the first video of yours that I saw witha defect. The whole time the page never filly loaded. I refreshed it and it still didn't load.

  8. This is a great video Kim, and I always love your content as it's high quality, thought out, and not rehashed and etc… but it is a little bit long for my tastes, if I am being completely honest.

    If you do more of these in the future (and I hope that you do) any chance of making them a touch shorter, and maybe doing a series? My attention span, especially as I am ramping my sites up for Halloween, is not very long. Hehe!

    • Hey Heather!

      Thanks for the feedback :)

      I totally agree.

      33 minutes is definitely a bit long.

      I think 10-20 minutes is probably the sweet spot.

      But I'm really glad you're enjoying the content :)

      I'm looking to do a lot more of these in the future.



  9. Kim,

    All the content you produce is first rate.

    Really smart, pertinent and clearly communicated in a way that makes applying it possible.

    This video is good as an affinity builder between you and your audience, but as an instructional tool I don't think it is as helpful to understanding and subsequent applcation as the powerpoint based presentations that you frequently do.

    I enjoyed seeing you though. Although Coach Calipari probably likes your UK sweatshirt better than I do :)

    Thanks for your on-going generosity in sharing such great material.


    • Thanks Roger!

      Really appreciate your feedback.

      In regards to the t-shirt, I just wear whatever is in my closet :)

      I'm not really much of a basketball fan.

      I just like the color :)

      – Kim

  10. Hey Kim,
    You always have good content, but I prefer written to video. I can read faster than you can talk. I can print and read later if need be. I don't have to disturb others around me while I read.

    Videos are o.k. if you have a specific example or training to show, but otherwise I find them to be more wasteful of my time than written content.


  11. Fascinating stuff. I tended to avoid split testing myself because I don't want to bother with coding. And I'd never heard of these sites! Thanks.

  12. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for a very informative video, it was extremely well done.
    I do think shorter, 5-10 minute “nuggets” might be better for me, there was a ton of info in this one!
    My question has always been about traffic. I have several site in different niches but always seem to struggle with getting traffic to them. I'd like to try more forum marketing but always run into the same old thing. The forum rules clearly state that advertising or self promotion is not allowed. Have you ever run into this sort of thing, and if so how do you handle it?
    Any traffic generation “nuggets” you can pass along would be greatly appreciated.
    Once again, this was a great video. Well done!

    • Hey Ted!

      When it comes to forum marketing, almost all forums allow a signature file. And that's where you place a link to your website. It's a lot like a resource box for your articles. You want to entice people to click through with one big benefit.

      But the biggest key to forum marketing is to provide incredible value. People will click on your link based on the VALUE that you provide in your posts.

  13. Kim good stuff as usual. And the video is so clear. What kind of recording equip are you using for the room shoot?
    PS….now all I have to do is get motivated to do testing…

  14. around 85% Shopping Cart Abandonment | A lot of people come back to buy later, but that's pretty much the numbers…

    Plus a lot of that can be attributed to people who observe sales processes, they click just to observe how you go through your process.

    I Love this Video, Thx…

  15. Hi Kim,

    Great to put a person to the name of a fellow Warrior.
    I still refer to your post “My 5 favorite traffic strategies”
    I guess I should agree with what has already been said – video was too long – for two tips it probably should have been two videos, 10 minutes each.
    Still it's a great video, as it allows people to connect with Kim the person, rather than a name in a sig file. Quality was great, too.
    Main thing I got out of it was using the waybackmachine site to track improvements to sites – obvious really, which is probably why I didn't think of it!

  16. Wow… I love your stuff, Kim! The information you provide here is really top quality compared to some paid products that other marketers are selling online. Keep 'em coming!

  17. Hey Kim,

    Just watching the beginning of another video really worthwhile I am sure BUT it is a great summer out here and I am going to work on my tan a little bit LOL ;-) and then late in the evening your ''tactics''
    Don't forget to enjoy summer !

  18. The video was great, Kim and I will do some split test as soon as I get my landing pages up. Although I have no offer & giving away free to get on my list. Should I still split test the pages? Or it doesn't matter if your not selling anything?

    • Hey Beage!

      You should ABSOLUTELY go ahead and start testing. Start testing various designs and layouts of the squeeze page. The more people that opt-in, the more people that you now have on your list, plus the more sales you'll make.

      Also, if you don't currently have an offer, then you can put an affiliate offer on your thank-you page and monetize the sales process that way.

  19. Hi Kim,

    Yes, the way back machine is helpful in my experience and it's nice that you can do an Alexa Ranking on a site and then on the same page, at the bottom, do a way back analysis of the sites…cool!

    Kim, as usual, your training and insights are golden. In regards to the length of videos such as these, thirty minutes like this one is fine. You have a way of engaging your peeps so it really didn't seem like a half hour. Of course, if you're going to give us a daily dose, like a “tip of the day”, like some other marketers are doing now, then two to ten minutes makes sense.

    By the way, have you ever done or are considering Google Adwords PPC or the new craze Facebook PPC? From what I gather is that the two major advantages of Facebook PPC over Google PPC is…one, we won't have to stress out about the “Google Slap” and two, it's supposedly considerably cheaper regarding cost per clicks.

    I was on a webinar a little bit ago that Cherie Yvette, the Urban Cowgirl, was conducting and she conveyed all of this. Evidently, she made the switch from Google Adwords Queen to Facebook PPC for obvious reasons. Anyway, it can get crazy with info. overload in this industry and a real bitch sometimes to just FOCUS on what's in front of you…talk soon.



  20. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the video, it is very educational. Could you make some of such videos on “Getting Traffic”, please.

    • Hey Magnus!

      Great to hear from you :)

      Glad you enjoyed the video.

      If you're looking for traffic, you'll find a TON of posts here about traffic. Be sure and browse the archives.



  21. Thank you Kim for a nice lesson. And to your questions: I like short videos, but 30 minutes can be ok. I don't like to “waste time”, so a straight to the point aproach is best. Important to see ahead how much time is left, and (although I like your face..) if you are sitting talking – I use to look at some other sites, take notes or doing something else while listening…until you show something on your screen (like last half of this video). Then I am am back wathing.
    You had great content in your video, and I am grateful for that.

  22. Hey Kim!

    Great video. I did enjoy this video and it really gave a personable approach. Allowed more of a connection with you. In my business I like short videos where I can implement tips quick. I have a very busy business and family life, as many of us do, so it really helps to have quick golden nuggets to put to work.

    I do however think that it is good to do short intros with you on camera prior to diving into what you have for us on screen. So in other words, the format you have in this video would be great in a 10-15 min time frame. I just think there's greater connection when you're on camera.

    Lastly, I would like to have more videos on the actual mechanics of how to set up split tests for emails and squeeze pages.

    Thanks again for the awesome content as USUAL! :)

  23. Hi KIM, this is Prashant Sharma, the owner of
    You share a lot of good information on this blog, I'm a regular reader here and really think you have a great way of doing things. You are truly an inspiration.

    Now about the video, I realise that there is a lot of misinformation on a lot of forums; people get incomplete information and they don't plan the work hence they fail. But the way you put things, it makes it really really easy to follow.

    Split testing is critically important to the success of any online business. You discussed a lot of factors above but in my opinion one of the most crucial factors of split testing is testing different sources of traffic.

    I don't know if you can classify testing different sources of traffic as split testing but I do know one thing, that if you spend some time and money into testing the different traffic sources then you are bound to make more money. This happens because you come to know which sources of traffic work best to you and for your niche.

    So yes, the above-mentioned factors are important but in my honest opinion the most important factor is to test the different sources of traffic and know which source converts the best for you and then upscale it to 10 levels, or even 100 times and make more money.

    IM is simple: find something that works and then upscale it.

    I hope you like my take on this video. I'll be sure to come back to this page again and would love to know what you think about my opinion. I love your stuff, more so because you give a lot of quality products for free.

    Talk soon,
    Prashant Sharma

  24. I apologise for including a link, but it is of no use to me. I just wanted you to know that you have a regular reader who does use all your information.

    I say that the link is not useful because it has no follow attribute, so it just does not matter. If it does, please feel free to delete my comment.

    thank you

  25. Great stuff Kim. Thank you. Timely info. Would prefer shorter videos. Up your input audio level also. Had to turn volume all the way up to hear you. Again, thank you. ~Mark

  26. Hi Kim,

    It's taken me 3 weeks to get around to listening to this! Glad I did though. My squeeze page has routinely converted at 16% for the last 2 months. Unfortunately, I'm not getting much traffic so that means very low sign ups – approx 5 a day.

    I'm uploading videos daily, updating my blog most days, posting articles at high ranking sites and forum marketing at the moment, but traffic is still pretty low. It's telling me 2 things – No 1, it's a very competitive market, No 2, now I understand why not everyone does this, it's hard work!!!

    Anyway, I'm going to go off now and try all the resources you mentioned and start split testing my opt in page to see if I can get better results.

    As for the length of your videos, provided they're fulled with great content, as they are, they could go on all night!!!!

    Thanks for the great info Kim.

    Jo :-)

  27. Ever since I discovered Clickbank's “make money online” theme in around mid 2009, I completely stopped listening to anything IM people say.

    In my honest opinion they are all (most) opportunists that will say (lie) and do (fake stats) anything to make a buck.

    I keep you and another one in my safe list and come here from time to time.
    I enjoy your content very much and you truly deliver.

    Keep up with your good work and don't ever drop your ethics.


  28. Kim,
    Nice video, thanks for taking the time to inform us again.
    Test the things that scream not whisper. (Will do)
    The key is testing (split testing) and taking the time to analyse the results so you can optimize conversion.
    Probably a great tip from Prashant to (split test) you traffic sources to. (Will be trying that soon)

    Until next time.

  29. Great info. I had not thought to see past pages of sites as results of split tests. thanks. All good stuff – as always.
    Question: I started split testing as you described using Google website optimizer. Is there a reason you did not recommend that system?

  30. Dang, Cant hear it. I will go crazy figuring out what it is about. Please attach a transcript. Also, Kim what is that software which allows you to create a video and then auto convert it into a transcript? A client of mine asked for it and wanted to get one.

    In your course I purchased you had a whiteboard on which you showed the concept in the videos. How did you make those videos? Camtasia?

    Really need this info soon. Please advice.

  31. This was a VERY helpful video Kim! I’m not a big fan of the intensity involved in split testing, so the sites you mentioned were really appreciated. I also discovered Offervault a few months back and its a great resource to use, especially for comparing offer payouts for the same products…

  32. Another great video, I tend to prefer the shorter ones, but the information here again is great as there is so much of it!

    This may have been answered before, but one question i have is what test period is it best to use for your squeeze pages? before implementing a new design?


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