Six-Figures with Membership Sites

This is a video that I’ve watched MULTIPLE times while preparing for 2015.

It’s all about how to create six and 7-figure businesses through membership sites and recurring income.

Listen in as James Schramko teaches how to simplify your business and grow 10X with just ONE product.

Learn more about the brains behind this video…

James Schramko of (A Must-Read) – (Another one of my favorites :)

7 thoughts on “Six-Figures with Membership Sites”

  1. Hello Kim
    Thank you for sharing this awesome interview,One of the best membership model is to create a SAAS but the price strategy can be a cheap alternative vs to your SAAS Competitor.
    For example ; A web entrepreneur can create a brand new Webinar hosting services with more featuring and launch it to the market for $17 /month just to provide a Alternative.
    Thank you again for this video

  2. Hi Kim. I’ve been on your email list a while. Thank you for this info from James Schramko. I’m visioning 2015 for my business and was already looking at recurring income. James’ video interview really gave me some clarity.

    I signed up for James’ training using your affiliate link. The hardest thing about affiliate marketing is finding the affiliate info. Do YOU have an affiliate program?

    Thanks again for the timely info!

  3. Hi Kim! Very inspirational video. I’m still marveling at the fact that James makes five grand a day. But when you think about it, we use recurring products on an ongoing basis–from the monthly phone, gas, water, and electric bills, to the prescriptions people use. So many other industries are cashing in on the model. Why not IM? -Lisa

  4. Thanks,I live in japan and just started my online tennis consultant business, you are awesome and thanks a lot for the info!!



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