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  1. The average middle-class American spends $321/year on Apple products (including iTunes).  Steve Jobs was definitely a visionary!  It will be interesting to watch the company over the next several years to see if the company continues to “Think Different.”  As entrepreneurs, we all have the ability to think different…the question is how many of us will.

  2. Great video Kim!!!!

    Steve Jobs and other aspiring Entrepreneurs like him, built the stage for us, like minded Entrepreneurs to stand on, and build a Future for our Families, all the while, making a positive difference in other peoples lives. Thanks Steve!!!!

  3. What a legacy to leave behind so young. To have touched so many people on this planet, with a small piece of technology, and such a massive beautiful mind.

  4. Thank you, Kim.  Great video and very inspiring.  Entrepreneurs are those that see the obstacles and still press forward.  The visions, the passions, and the dreams are what set us apart from the rest of the herd.

  5. Loved the movie, but it made me think.

    How many of us are crazy enough to continue to be crazy ? The world is destroying this by making us less crazy. I am still afraid that one day I might stop being crazy and enter the “proper system” that we live in … Thank God I’m not employed :)

    If Steve showed us something, is that he never believed the world that he needs something. He knew he can do what he needs by itself. That’s what I know now, and that’s what everybody should know to become successful.

  6. Steve Jobs was truly a remarkable person he showed the true American spirit of what being a positive person can do. We could learn a lot from his like…
    !: stop complaining
    2: be positive
    3: dont wait for someone else do it yourself
    Mark Sellers

  7. It’s a Keeper. Richard Dreyfus, the actor, is the narrator in this released version.  In the original version, the narrator was a younger Steve Jobs. Living and working in the Electronics Industry, here in Silicon Valley for some 25 years, I’m fortunate to not only have been there when the Mac & Apple products were ‘born’ and watch them grow, but to be a part of the development of their IPhone when it was in its R & D stages.

  8. I was watching this in a ‘Fresh Thinking’ seminar last week, it’s an old advert from the late 70’s. We should all take a leaf out of Steve Jobs book. A real innovator and how many people can you say have changed the wrold quite as much as Steve Jobs.



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