6 thoughts on “How We Turned $100 into 201,126 Visitors”

  1. Wow, simply wow. This is really crazy. I wish I get that as a fluke.lol.

    I have just created the Paid Discovery account and see how it goes for me. Thanks for this untapped strategy. There is a lot to learn from you. Keep ’em coming.

  2. It was hard to hear your example page URL, it sounded like optiming.com, but the content there that went viral was not obvious. Did I get the URL right? This comment is re: the June 6th episode, not sure what the episode # is.

  3. Very interesting. You say targeted traffic… I checked the article, and no comments. How is the engagement from the traffic? Did you see a big jump for optiming’s facebook page? Email subscribers?

    Looks like you’re building a media site here. Is the idea just to get pageviews for ads?

    This sparked a lot of questions… very interesting episode. Subscribed on iTunes, looking forward to hearing more.


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