The #1 Secret to my Success!

Many people often ask me about what my biggest turning point
has been for creating a successful business. Like what really
made the difference.

And every time, I always say the same thing…


I personally struggled for YEARS before finally getting some REAL
help and personalized training.

This has been the catalyst for…

* My first $1,000+ day. (After 2 months of coaching with Chris Freville.)

* My first $8,000 day. (This happened in my first week of coaching with
Lee McIntyre. Now, obviously I had a list that I could leverage. But Lee
was the brains behind it. In our very first coaching session he laid out
a simple plan for creating a cash windfall in my business.)

* My first six-figure product launch. (also masterminded by Lee ;)

* Personal introductions to the top marketers in our industry.

The benefits of personalized coaching and belonging to a mastermind
group has so MANY benefits (far too many to mention them all), but
probably the single biggest success factor has got to be:

… A Mastermind Group OPENS DOORS!

Because of coaching and masterminds I’ve connected with amazing people like…

* Travis Sago
* Lee McIntyre
* Maria Gudelis
* Sean Donahoe
* Nicole Dean
* Jit Uppal
* Jason Parker
* Tim Atkinson
* Richard Legg
* and many, many others.

Each one of whom has promoted my products.

Making these connections has literally changed my life!

I can tell you for a fact that there’s NO WAY I would have reached the
six-figure level without the power of my friends and fellow marketers.

No one builds a six-figure business by themselves.

I personally struggled for years online trying to create a
successful business before I realized I was missing 3 critical
keys to success…

And that’s accountability, a mentor, and a proven system to get you there!

Before you go, tell me… Would you be interested in joining a Coaching Group?

Post your comments here if you are interested!

334 thoughts on “The #1 Secret to my Success!”

  1. I have been marketing online for 5 years now. I have a coach but I am still struggling. I need to start making money quickly, otherwise I will need to start pounding the pavement looking for work . I dread the thought.

    • Don’t give up! This is not an overnight success game, although many guru’s would have you believe that. Get Kim as a coach, she has a good degree of integrity from what I have seen. Good Luck!

  2. Definitely Kim. I would loved to couched by an Internet Marketer who is passionate about it and who has compassion on newbies like me.  I bought your Traffic Dashboard. I got so overwhelmed we your info and of course from others as well, that I do not know what to do anymore.

  3. This should be QOTD:

    I personally struggled for years online trying to create a successful business before I realized I was missing 3 critical keys to success…

    And that’s accountability, a mentor, and a proven system to get you there!

    Too true.  Accountability is huge – and hard to self-discipline unless you want it badly enough.  One of the big ways I’ve been able to succeed in my endeavors is simply having a wife who’s in tune with the business and my goings-on (she stays at home and I work from home).  Thankfully it works, plus my network of like-minded peeps online.

    But coaching is an excellent idea, I find I’m doing a lot of that for free via emails after launching my own e-book on SEO…I think your idea of coaching would be a paid program, and it’s a smart business plan.

    Hopefully for your readers, you can get this project going.  I’m not quite there yet myself.

  4. My mentor introduced me to your site with the 21 Steps to 1,000 Visitors.  I struggled for months before finding Jay, my mentor.  He has instructed me, guided me and been a great friend.  Your site is great!  Thanks for helping.

  5. I have been doing semi successful seo for other clients but when it comes to me, I do not succeed per se. At least to the extent I should. I would love a coach at the right price. I find in online training I can get just so far and then it just simmers out. There are way too many directions and shiney things and it can be extremely overwhelming. I would love one person, one coach and a proven success record. imho.

  6. It’s a funny thing. I like to help others. Yet find it difficult to ask for help for myself.
    I don’t want to “bother” other people. They have their own problems and concerns so I don’t want to disturb them with mine.
    Yet when I help others I don’t feel “bothered” or “disturbed”. It never occurred to me that other people like to help, they don’t feel bothered or disturbed. Therefore it never actually occurred to me to ask for help.
    Like you say “No one builds a six-figure business by themselves”.
    A coaching group would be an excellent way to discuss, with like-minded individuals, the problems and possible solutions to becoming successful.

  7. Hi Kim, Great post as ever. I feel that I can get a website together, and seo reasonably (!) well, I just really struggle at the marketing side of things. Like Bryan before, I also feel a ‘nuisance’ asking others for help, but love it when people ask me for help – how strange the human psyche! I think coaching would just help me focus my direction a bit more.

  8. your articles has motivated me, I been working on line for a few years but lack time and motivation, mainly because I am a chef and cooking instructor on the road and soon I will retire and I hope to get the help ,motivation , great mentors, and the creativity I use in my present work, to be successful in marketing, Thanks for your advice and motivation.
    and direction you can help me with will be soooo appreciated.
    Now for a cup of joe.
    Chef Ernesto`

  9. I can really relate to this. Some of us can be quite stubborn, me included and feel we can take on the World by ourselves. The truth is, we need the connection and the connections of other people to drive us forward.


  10. Yes I definately am interested i joining a coaching group.
    But there could be two factors – 1. as chris farrell says – avoid information overload
    2. if I can afford the cost.

  11. Hello Kim,

    I am very interested in mentoring. In fact, for the last 6 weeks I have been doing the Chris Mentor Me program. I understand that today you will be talking to us for his unadvertised week 7.  I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Thank you for investing your time and sharing your knowledge with us. Mentoring is a great thing.

  12. Hi Kim,

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I share the same story. I struggled for 3 years and I’m now wrapping my head around this online thing and the way it really works. Although, I didn’t have personal coaching I bought a course from Alex Jeffrey’s where he mentored a group of students and I am just picking his brains in the course trying to learn what I need to know. Also, your traffic dashboard has been a great help. I actually went from 0 subscribers to 60 subscibers in just 1 day. thanks again Kim !

    warm regards.

    Alex Mensah

  13. I think personal coaching is the way to go, there’s so much info online you can get lost. A personal coach will make you accountable and whittle down the important info which will form the cornerstone of your business.
    Plus, if it costs you a fair amount of money you’ll take it more seriously then all the free videos and articles online.



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