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The Magic of McDonald’s


I would venture to say that nearly every person reading this article has been to a McDonalds at some point in their life. However, you probaby missed the magic behind each of those Golden Arches.

You see, each McDonald’s has a magical quality that often goes unnoticed by the untrained eye.

But it’s enough to get any entrepreneur’s juices flowing with excitement.

Most people look at McDonald’s and only see hamburgers, fries, cheap food, the rising cause of obesity, happy meals, Ronald McDonald, and Big Macs.

However, they miss the magical quality that has turned McDonald’s into one of the most successful small businesses of our generation.

The true brilliance behind those golden arches are the systems that run like a well-oiled machine inside every McDonalds restaraunt across the country.

It happened in 1954 when Ray Kroc took over the McDonalds franchise, threw out the conventions of the traditional restaurant business and introduced assembly line production at McDonalds.

Ray Kroc found the missing ingredient to a truly successful business… and that’s SYSTEMS.

Everything at McDonalds has a very specific process. Ray Kroc created a 75-page manual detailing the entire “McDonald’s Method” to the letter. Burgers had to be exactly 1.6 ounces, served with a quarter ounce of onion, a teaspoon of mustardand a tablespoon of ketchup. Fries had to be cut at
nine-thirtyseconds of an inch thick.

Everything is produced in an assembly-line fashion that allows customers to receive their meals in less than a minute.

The same should be applied to your online business.

Your time should be focused on high-leverage activities that make you the most money while you outsource all of the day to day tasks of your business.

For example, traffic generation is one of the key parts of any successful online business. But if you want to create a truly successful online business, you need to turn your lead generation into a duplicatable system.

Instead of spending hours of your time syndicating your content, create a video that demonstrates the entire process and hand that off to a traffic assistant.

Instead of spending your time syndicating videos, create a video that explains the entire process in step-by-step detail and hand that off to a traffic assistant.

Instead of driving yourself silly with customer support, create a list of common questions and answers that you receive in your inbox, turn them into templates, and hire a virtual assistant to handle all of your customer

Take a close look at anything you do twice or more in your business, make a note of it, video the process, and then go to and pay someone in the Phillipines $3 an hour to do that task.

This allows you to refocus your time on GROWING your business rather than working in your business.

Michael Gerber (author of the E-Myth) defines the entrepreneur as someone who “does the work of envisioning the business as something apart from you, the owner.”

As an entrepreneur, you are the visionary keystone in your business.

You are driving the growth of your business, rather than being held hostage by the workload it creates.

The SYSTEMS run the business, allowing you to continually refocus your efforts on higher-leverage activities.

Just like McDonald’s, the magic is in the system.

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