The Most Overlooked Link Building Strategy…

Hey guys, 

I created a video for you today that reveals THE most powerful, yet
overlooked link building strategy. 

In fact, you can make just a few tweaks to your website and give
yourself a huge boost in rankings. 

Are you getting curious?

Click on the link below to find out more...

12 thoughts on “The Most Overlooked Link Building Strategy…”

  1. Very interesting video. I current do link backs from related blog articles and link some of the article content to one of my stores and this does help the ranking in google searches. The breadcrumb linking though is something which I have not actually used and as top keyword get more relevance I can see how much this would help.



  2. Terrific advice as usual Kim.
    I really look forward to your videos.
    I’ve wanted to know how to do breadcrumbs for a long time and now I know.

    Many thanks.

  3. That was a killer video, I watched it from beginning to end and took a ton of notes.

    Use the nofollow tag
    longtail keywords in the footer

    it’s all brilliant! Thanks Again!

  4. Well Kim, I have spent all my Saturday (off-and-on) reading your entire blog instead of working. It was worth it though.

    BTW. the reg/sign up at does not send a confirmation email to let you confirm your account to log in. Are you still using that service, ’cause it is kinda funky?

    You may want to test it and update your post on that. Keep it coming.

  5. Hey Harry,

    The tag pages contain duplicate content… as do the category pages. Because they both contain blog posts that are listed on other pages,
    tags, and categories. This creates internal duplicate content, which is the worst kind.

  6. Hi Kim,

    I´ve just watched your Video and learned a lot! Your stuff is amazing and I love your videos! After that video I changed my hole linkstructure on my website :)

    On the bottom of my page, I put nearly all links from my website in. But I´ve read your last post here and I´m confused now. You mean I got to change all the links on the bottom to no-follow? Or did I missunderstood something?

    Greetz Selcuk

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