(New Video) – How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Listen in as I show you how to take your business to the next level using the Product Owner Model…

40 thoughts on “(New Video) – How to Take Your Business to the Next Level”

  1. Sadly, there are very few people out there on the Internet that can or do explain this online marketing thing like your good self Kim…EXCELLENT USABLE AND VERY VALUABLE VIDEO INFORMATION.

    • Great Kim,
      looking forward to more instructional and informative emails and videos

      this is beginning to attract my attention, Regards, David Priestley

  2. Thanks for the content Kim.

    I have recently been doing multiple upsells and I am very happy with the results.

    Great ideas for content for upsells in your video.

    Thanks again.
    Ryan Parenti

  3. Great video, Kim. Sorry you had to do it twice. I learned a lot. I’m not quite ready for all this yet but I’m building my knowledge base. Thanks for the contribution.

  4. Hi Kim,
    You’ll have to excuse me because I am a newbie and haven’t really started yet. I wish I would have had this kind of information 7 months ago when I started.But now you got me hooked on looking for your email because I need information like that. Hopefully the way I see it, I should be ready in about another week.
    I want to thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort for your information.
    Thanks Again,
    Richard Sanderson

  5. Hi Kim,
    You do a great job explaining the process but I get a little agitated with all those OTOs.
    I would rather have them send me an e-mail promoting the OTOs. When I want a product I want that product and don’t want to see a bunch or other sales pages. I have canceled orders because of the OTOs.

    • Yeah Delton,

      I agree with you BIG TIME. That’s why we just give the product away at FreeLinkJuice.Com and make our profit on the backend.

  6. Kim, thank you for the informative valuable video. I really like your suggestion for the progressive offers. And I definitely enjoy giving people more than they expect.Can’t wait to check out Hyper Tracker and Google Optimizer. Thanks for the advice and I look forward to the next video.Carol Trickett

  7. Just started the video;) I know you provide good stuff so I am looking forward to seeing it and I hope there is something new for me to learn;)
    A quick note Kim… It says connect on the top right on the page and your Facebook icon does nothing;) Ashame… ;) Maybe we already are friends;)
    Have a great weekend Kim.

  8. Thank you for the valuable info Kim. I always enjoy watching your videos because they’re full of usable info. I do have a question or two for you though.
    What sort of price point would you put in the oto’s?
    Where do you find people to initially buy so that you can test your product first before trying to get affils to promote for you?

  9. as usual, heavy content, clear info, and a path that actually works…. there’s a reason you’re considered one of the best, and this video is yet another demonstration of why… great job! (bummer you had to do it twice, but you’re probably right that it made it better)

  10. Sorry, but I find your video confusing Kim. When I think about affiliate marketing, I think about marketing a product put out by someone else (I think this is the accepted definition also). I would then add a bonus offer to build a list. It seems that when you talk about it, you are actually creating and marketing your own product and building a list of affiliates. This is a way different proposition that I think should be clarified.
    Nice flow chart of what I consider building your own list though…

    • Hey Anthony,

      Great to hear from you!

      This is a series of videos covering different types of business models.

      In the beginning of the video above I covered the Affiliate Business Model,
      which was simply an overview of our first video.

      Then we dove into today’s video – which is the ‘Product Owner Model.
      That’s what the video above is about.

      If you’d like to watch the Affiliate Business Model Video – you can
      check that out at: https://www.buzzblogger.com/fastest-way-to-make-money/



  11. YES!!!! Awesome, Thank You, Kim. I was wondering… when you creat a product, do you tend to create the sales funnel first, or the product itself? Or both sort of simultaneously. Thanks!!!

    • Hey Andy,

      That’s a really great question!

      I do them simultaneously a lot of times. But it doesn’t really matter which order you go in :) (As long as it gets done.)

      For me, the flow chart (like I’ve done in the videos) is a HUGE help for visualizing the entire sales process and then putting the technical pieces into place. It’s kind of like the blueprints for your house.


      – Kim

  12. Hello Kim,

    Driving traffic is to your funnels is one thing, but keeping traffic coming back is by obtaining value, and the best value is FREE. Thank you for your information and knowledge sharing.

    One comment about up-selling and one-time offers; I’ve noticed how effective they are and when buying a product, one can almost always expect up-sells to follow an initial purchase. But whenever you see the option “No thanks on the upgrade, take me directly to the final check out”, if you click this, you can almost always get the upgrade for a discount. It is almost becoming the norm, and I believe this leaves the buyer with distaste and almost distrust… “why didn’t you give me the better discount first time”. They can even feel a little foolish that they should ever accept the initial upgrade price the first time. This is becoming trite and buyers are becoming more aware of this tactic. I’ve even seen an extremely low ball offer of $35.00 for some awesome software and training, but as many as five one-time offers thereafter bringing the total price from $35.00 to over $500. The other problem is if you are aware of these tactics from the first up-sell, you naturally get the discount on all the other one-time offers following the first one-time offer and it may bring the total sell from $500 to $250. Please comment. Thanks Jim

  13. Hi Kim,
    Great video.I found you from a testimonial that you did on Chris Frevilles’ IMEMPIRE. I am pretty new to this and have done a lot of searching to find good information,it is hard to get past all the garbage that’s out there.I have a few sites set up and am still learning so when I do find good information I try to post it on my blog. Just wanted to say thanks an look forward to coming back to your website more in the future.

  14. Hi Kim, Truly excellent information. I love learning from people who walk the talk and show me stuff I would never find for myself. Got to admit though, that I find upsells and OTOs very annoying. I know they work but still feel ripped off when I see them and hate to use them myself.

  15. Another great post, Kim.

    Your diagrams make this easy to follow. I like the idea of putting low dollar price offers, your illustration of a sales funnel is very clear to me, including how to line up and graduate offers for subscribers. As usual, I’ll be implementing this lesson.

    One thing that I have not tightened up is ‘sending people directly to a sales page’, which I do sometimes. Now that you have mentioned it, I’m going to ensure that I’ll “always be driving traffic to my squeeze page”. I’ll also have to setup ‘thank you pages for the squeeze pages I already have on ground + future ones.

    Again, good job, Kim.


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