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This is hard to admit.

This is kind of hard to admit…

But today while I was running I almost had a weak moment.

For a few seconds I actually thought about quitting. I almost started
walking in the middle of my run.

The devil on my left shoulder was telling me to stop. To give in.
Reminding me of how tired I was.

But then the angel on my right shoulder whispered 2 little words
in my ear that made all the difference…

“Jerry Rice”

Uhhhh. What???

Well, if your a football fan you’ll know that Jerry Rice was the
greatest wide receiver in NFL history. (Just cause I’m a girl
doesn’t mean I don’t know my football ;)

But his story goes much deeper than that.

He dominated the game at a level higher than almost any
other player.

The average career of an NFL Player is 3.3 years. But Jerry
Rice played for 20 years in one of the most dangerous
positions on the field.

They simply couldn’t catch him :)

But what really made Jerry Rice so good?

*** He worked harder. ***

His intensity during practice and in the off-season was
border-line obsessive.

Rice would practice long after the rest of the team had
gone home.

And he was perhaps most famous for his off-season workouts.
Six days a week he would run a steep, five-mile trail. Followed
by ten wind sprints up the steepest part.

Then an equally grueling weight-lifting session in the evening.

Rice knew all about the hustle. He lived it. And he loved it.

So today while I was running my 5-miles around the lake I
thought of Jerry Rice.

Someone who gave it all in EVERY practice. Who continued
to drive through after every one else had gone home.

When my legs are burning and my breath is shaking that’s
the kind of stuff that keeps me going.

People like Jerry Rice who know that nothing great comes
without hard work.

There are no push-button solutions, loopholes, or shortcuts.

If you don’t come to play hard, you’re not gonna win this game.

Doesn’t matter if it’s football, running or building a business.

If you’re not willing to put in the work…

Staying up till 2am. Doing whatever it takes to REALLY build
your business.

Then get off the field.

Cause this game takes work…

And that doesn’t mean wandering around the forums for
hours on end.

It means doing the REAL stuff. Creating content. Creating
squeeze pages. Building a list. And delivering massive value.

I know lots of “gooroos” like to make it sound easy. But I’m
not gonna sell you that kind of sugar-coated bologna.

At the beginning, it takes a whole bunch of hustle :)

But it’s definitely worth it when you start seeing those
PayPal payments and Clickbank checks coming through.

It’s worth it when you start building a business that fits
around YOUR lifestyle and not around some boss
that gets to dictate your every move.

It’s worth it when you get to have the flexibility to work your
own hours and spend the rest of your time with the people who
matter most.

So stop chasing after shiny objects, loopholes, and imaginary

This game is won on hard work. It’s built on the ‘foundations’.

And you need to ask yourself whether or not you’re really cut out for it.

Are you willing to do the work and put in a little
‘Jerry Rice’ style hustle?

If so, then you’re definitely someone that I want to work with.

More on that coming soon :)

But if you ever just want to chat or hit me up with some
questions, feel free to shoot me an email!

I love to chat marketing and I answer all my emails. Cause I’m a
crazy ‘Jerry Rice’ style marketer who simply can’t get enough
of this stuff :)



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