TINY products that sell like hotcakes.

In 1927, Ivan Pavlov did a little experiment with his dog.

Before he fed his dog, he would ring a bell.

Now… dogs naturally begin to salivate when you put food in front of them.

But what Ivan found is that over time, the dogs would associate food with the ringing of the bell.

And so every time the bell was rung, they would start to salivate in anticipation of the mouthwatering Kibbles ‘n Bits.

This is called classical conditioning.

And it works with people as well.

Imagine being able to make your customers salivate anytime you mention your product.

That would make selling pretty darn easy.

Creating such desire and anticipation that they eagerly pull out their wallets and buy.

If you sell a product that is $47 or less, you can create this buyer frenzy using what I call TINY products. Or “Popcorn Products”.

This is the type of product where no sales letter is needed. We just send people directly to a checkout page.


There are 3 KEY ingredients to make this work.

Inside the Marketing Playbook, I’m revealing everything you need in order to create tiny products that sell like hotcakes.

===> https://www.buzzblogger.com/marketing_playbook

These are not going to be big six-figure launches.

But they’re a lot of fun (NO stress) and you can create quick cash pops in your business of $3K to $10K depending on the size of your audience.

No sales letter needed.

Ring that bell :)


Kim Roach







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