THIS generates traffic in 30 minutes or less…


Working on my first Cup ‘O Joe this morning :)

And I thought I’d share a quick case study with you…

One of the biggest questions I get from subscribers is:

‘How do I get traffic to my website?’

And today I want to solve that problem for you.

If you’ve struggled to get traffic to your
website, then pull up a chair because I’m
about to whip out the gravy.

Don’t get scared though cause I’m about
to go a little ‘Old School’ on you.

In fact, this traffic strategy that I’m
about to share with you is so simple
that it’s probably hiding right under
your nose.

This traffic source just recently sent us
92 visitors, 37 subscribers and 3 sales
in just ONE hour!!

Are you curious yet?

Lean in just a little closer…

I don’t like to give my secrets out to just

Ok… you ready?

This golden traffic ALL came from ONE hour
of forum marketing.

I spent ONE hour providing value in 3 different
forums and in return I got 92 laser-targeted
visitors, 37 subscribers and 3 sales.

Sure… it’s not a windfall – but ANYONE can
do this.

And more importantly, if you’ve got a bit more
time on your hands you can scale this strategy
up even further.

Imagine if you spent 3 hours doing forum marketing.

You could triple your results!

Way too many people are looking for the shiny
new object when ‘Old School’ is still ROCKIN!

If you’d like to find out EXACTLY how I
structure my forum marketing to generate
those kind of results, go here…

In fact, this month I’m doing a LIVE Case Study
where you can watch me step-by-step as I generate
5,000 subscribers in just 30 days.

Lots of marketer’s love to throw out a bunch of
theory. I say, come look at my stats.

Let’s go behind-the-scenes…

Watch exactly what I do over the next 30 days
to generate 5,000 subscribers.

Back to the Lab!

– Kim

5 thoughts on “THIS generates traffic in 30 minutes or less…”

  1. Forum marketing is definitely
    something to look out for. There is just no other place or way, where
    you can get in front of such a huge targeted crowd almost immediately.
    Its just a matter of providing good and helpful content. The only issue I face with forum marketing is the fact that how can a complete newbie, who is himself looking out for answers can help out others with their problem.I think its best if we thus can approach a market which we are familiar with. Otherwise, its does not make any sense if we fake it to be an expert in that subject matter.Always a big fan of your stuff. Thanks a lot
    for sharing this great post Kim. :)RegardsAmitav

  2. also upon testing posting gives you good traffic, but creating your own thread, that gives value and great content, will triple your traffic. Just try it, you will be amazed to see the results Do not spam, most people can see past that. Just give quality and you will be rewarded. 


  3. Kim- I’ve seen some of your posts on the WF and it’s no wonder you get those kind of results. I actually have your traffic tips thread bookmarked because it’s so good.

  4. Kim, I love this article! Forum marketing is a favorite of mine. It’s a great way to generate lots of FREE laser-focused visitors. I think some people automatically dismiss it because to be done right, it can involve a fair bit of relationship building But the time investment is definitely worth it. Well done!

  5. Forums can be a terrific source for traffic. I offered a link to a solution to a very specific problem on WordPress and it still gets traffic (even though — or perhaps in part because — the problem has been classified as solved). Forum people will scream bloody murder if your content is spammy, but when it’s an actual resource, they’re cool with it.

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