3 Cool (kinda weird) Traffic Tricks


As you guys know, I spend most of my time locked up in
the marketing laboratory. Testing out new traffic
strategies, running split tests and uncovering cool
new marketing methods.

Jeepers… I think the Nerd-O-Meter just went up there ;)

But I’m hot on the prowl so you don’t have to be.

And I’ve uncovered some pretty cool marketing goodies over
the past few weeks that I’d like to share with you.

My way of saying thanks for opening my emails, reading
my articles, watching my videos, and just being the
super cool human being that you are ;)


Time to dish out the good stuff…

Super Cool Traffic Strategy #1:

I found this little doozy by accident…

‘How to Get Crazy Traffic Using SlideShare And Linked’


You’ll definitely want to try this one out :)

Super Cool Traffic Strategy #2:

Did you know that Facebook can take you to the top
of Google in a matter of days?

Pop these keywords into Google to see what I mean…

* Apple MacBook Air MC505LL review
* ASUS N61JV-X2 16-Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop
* HP Pavilion dv6-6170us Entertainment Notebook PC
* Hamilton Beach 31125 6-slice toaster oven

You’ll find Facebook ‘notes’ ranking in the top 5 for
every keyword above.

Pretty interesting huh?

And keep in mind that these are ‘BUYER’ keyword phrases.
People who are literally on the verge of buying.

I’ll be sharing more with you on
this traffic strategy soon :)

Super Cool Traffic Strategy #3:

Some very interesting traffic case studies by Reed Floren…


In the links above you’ll see EXACTLY how much each solo ad
cost, how much traffic was sent, and how many visitors were
converted to subscribers.

Talk about some juicy traffic goodness!

I should probably keep these to myself and just use them in
my own business ;)

But… you know me – I always like to dish out the good stuff!

Hope you enjoyed these little traffic nuggets.

There’s actually a WHOLE lot more where that came from – so
keep an eye on your inbox. I’ve got more goodies to come :)



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15 thoughts on “3 Cool (kinda weird) Traffic Tricks”

  1. Hey Kim thanks for the post!

    I have been following Reed Floren’s solo ad results and I am pretty impressed with that! I went ahead and bought one solo and actually got a much higher lead conversion rate, so it really depends on the offer. 

    Then again, we don’t who made more cash from these solos ;)

    It doesn’t really matter though! Bottom line is that solo ads WORK!

    I need to get on the other two methods too cause they seem simple enough!

    Thanks for the post!
    -Gabriel Johansson

  2. Hey Kim, thanks for presenting my Crazy SildeShare Traffic article here!

    I’m up to 4.500 views now, so it just keeps on getting better and better. Isn’t it funny how you sometimes just stumble upon (no pun here…) these things that actually work? 

  3. Wow Kim, I read this post in my inbox last night and was a third of the way in when my brain tapped me on the shoulder and told me to pay attention!

    Great post and really timely too; – I am just looking at leveraging some of my best content using slide sharing sites and the like.

    Brilliant stuff (as always)

  4. hi Kim…. I sent willie Crawford to ya yesterday  because he was lookin for exactly what you so generously provided….it’s no wonder we love you so


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