Unlimited Traffic Strategy

This unlocks all the traffic you’ll ever need.


Kim here :)

We’re headed to my hometown of Kentucky this morning.

But I had to sneak on the computer real quick to share this with you.

There are essentially two ways to generate traffic.

You can either buy it or borrow it.

A lot of people waste months (even years) chasing after SEO traffic.

Then they’re left scrambling when Google changes the algorithm.

But what if you could simply “borrow” a large audience of loyal readers that already exists.

No need to wait on the Google gods to send you a few trickles of traffic.

No need to spend months blogging or writing tons of content.

No need to pay for traffic either.

With this strategy, people will happily hand over the keys to their audience.

I started doing this about 10 years ago.

And still… NO ONE else is doing it.

Which is weird, because it doesn’t even take that long. You can spend 10 to 15 minutes putting together these traffic deals. And each one adds hundreds of new subscribers to your email list.

Sure… you’re going to get some no’s. But we do it in a way that’s fun.

People LOVE getting these traffic deals. And you can run these every week to start consistently adding hundreds of new people to your email list.

Plus, you can use this strategy even if you currently have no audience.

There’s already an unlimited supply of traffic available online. Your job is to figure out where your target audience hangs out.

Then… identify who owns that traffic and send them this unique traffic deal. (No one else is doing it so you immediately get their full attention.)

It’s a simple way to get instant access to OTHER people’s traffic.

Unlimited Traffic Strategy

Let’s keep this one quiet though.

I don’t want this strategy to get overused like everything else.


Kim Roach

P.S. This only works if you’re a cool person. Create value online. And want to build long-term relationships with other cool people :)






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