Unusual Traffic Strategies for 2011


It looks like the clear blue ocean and the Florida sun are doing me some good
cause I’ve got some extra juicy traffic tips for you today :)

3 Unusual traffic strategies for 2011!

I’m betting you haven’t heard of these…

1. Spy on Bit.ly Statistics

I originally heard about this little trick from Jason Fladlien.

But now that I’ve done a bit of testing with it myself I have completely
fallen in love.

You know how I love new traffic tips.

But this one is way outside the box.

This one will show you EXACTLY how much traffic your competitors are getting
from specific traffic sources.

It’s a cool little trick for showing the visitor statistics of any bitl.y URL.

Not just your own, but ALL bit.ly URLs :)

As you probably know, bit.ly is one of the most popular URL shortening services
online. It also gives you lots of cool analytics data like number of clicks,
locations, referrers, time of clicks, etc..

To view the stats of any bit.ly url, simply add a “+” sign to the end of
any bit.ly url.

For example, http://bit.ly/aDB4eU would become http://bit.ly/aDB4eU+.

If you enter http://bit.ly/aDB4eU+ into your URL bar, you’ll instantly
be greeted by some hidden competitive intelligence :)

That link is actually one that I found for a Warrior Forum banner ad.
So this person is using a bit.ly url to track exactly how much traffic
they’re getting from their Warrior Forum banner ad.

And as a result, you get to take a sneak peek at all of their data as well.

Pretty cool, huh?

Simply add a ‘+’ plus sign to the end of any bit.ly link and you’ll instantly
be able to tap into data that would generally never be available to the public.

Want to see how much traffic Mashable.com gets from Twitter?

Simply go to their Twitter stream – http://twitter.com/mashable

And add a ‘+’ plus sign to the end of any of their tracking links.

They have their own custom version of bit.ly so the links look a little different
but the tracking works the same.

So you could change http://on.mash.to/gwPXIc to http://on.mash.to/gwPXIc+.

You’ll notice that link has received over 5,000 clicks.

It also shows you the number of retweets, Facebook Shares, Likes, and Comments.

Some other URL shorteners that allow you to use this same strategy include:


The links above are private label versions of Bit.ly (Pro Version).

2. Create Custom WordPress Plugins for Affiliates.

Here’s another cool idea for you…

And I’m almost hesitant to give this one away but you know
me – I don’t hold anything back ;)

If you have an affiliate program, one really cool thing you could
do to activate your affiliates is to provide them with custom
Wordpress plugins that they can install on their blog to automatically
include their affiliate link.

The possibilities are nearly endless here.

You could create a custom WordPress plugin to:

* Change their 404 Error Page to a Custom Page that promotes your free gift (affiliate link attached).

* Footer Slideup that promotes your free offer or points to your sales page or free gift (with the
blogger’s affiliate link attached).

* Sidebar Widget that automatically inserts one of your banners where the affiliate / blogger gets
to choose the size and insert their own affiliate link.

* Sidebar Widget that automatism pulls the latest blog posts from your website and each person
who clicks on one of the links is automatically cookied with the blogger’s affiliate id.

* A custom wordpress plugin that integrates your banners into their content – tagged with their affiliate id.

* Create a custom WordPress plugin that automatically converts certain keywords (within the blog content)
into affiliate links that point to your product page.

Are your wheels starting to turn now?

There are sooo many things you could do with custom WordPress plugins – allowing your affiliates to
easily integrate your offers, your free gifts, and your content into their website.

But you might be thinking…

“Kim, I’m not a programmer!”

No worries there.

I’m not either ;)

You can get custom WordPress plugins created for you at:


You can get simple plugins created for you VERY affordably.

But imagine how cool it will be for your affiliates when they can simply login to their
Wordpress admin area, activate your plugin and automatically start making commissions
on your product.

Pretty cool!

3. 100% Instant Commission Affiliate Program

While this might not be a new strategy – so few people realize it’s potential that it may
as well be the biggest secret of 2011.

I can not even begin to describe to you the power of a 100% instant commission affiliate program.

That means your affiliates get paid 100% commissions – straight to their PayPal account as soon
as they make a sale. This is a HUGE incentive for affiliates because they don’t have to wait
weeks to get paid.

They get paid the minute they make a sale.

In fact, one of our subscribers emailed me today asking if the 100% commission model would work
well in the tennis market.

Here’s what I wrote back to him…

“I think 100% commissions would be AWESOME in the tennis niche BECAUSE
no one else is doing it.

You would instantly stand out from the crowd and it would make it much easier
for you to recruit affiliates. When you approach an affiliate offering to give
100% commissions vs. 50% commissions it makes a BIG difference.

And the cool thing is that no one else is doing it cause they’re all too scared
and they don’t realize the enormous potential of this thing when you do it

What lots of product owners don’t realize is that you need to craft a killer offer
for your affiliates (not just for your product). You want to literally SELL your
affiliates and that means creating an offer they can’t refuse.

The other piece of the puzzle that you must have in place is a proper back-end

You can give 100% commissions on the front-end and then 50% on the upsell.

You can funnel your customers into a membership site on the product download
page, thank-you page, etc…

And then of course, you can funnel your customers into higher and higher levels
of value and price on the backend.

But there are LOTS of ways to make a TON of money and at the same time give
100% commissions on the front-end.

It’s all in the way you structure your sales funnel.

Plus, the cool thing about building up a 100% commission affiliate program is that
your affiliates will literally drive all the traffic you could ever want.

There’s no need to focus on any other traffic strategy because your affiliates will
gladly do all the hard work for you when you reward them properly.

And so now you have an automatic lead machine that generates hundreds of
subscribers and customers every week (all on autopilot).

In regards to price, I would always create a front-end offer priced at $17-$57 max.

Remember the goal here is not to make a ton of money on the front-end product.

The goal is to pull in as many customers as humanly possible on the front-end.

Because a customer is worth at least 10x as much as a traditional subscriber.

Your big money is made on the backend.

On the front-end, you want to create a low-priced product that converts like
crazy and creates a ‘Wow! experience’ for the buyer.

From there, you funnel them into higher and higher levels of value and price.

This could be LIVE webinars, a membership site, coaching, etc…

And those offers could be made on the upsell of your front-end offer. Remember,
you don’t have to give 100% commissions on your upsell. In fact, I’m currently
changing my offer over to where the upsell is a membership site (and all of that
will go to me) – funneling people into our membership site.

Hope this gives you some good ideas!



Here’s to a traffic-filled 2011!

67 thoughts on “Unusual Traffic Strategies for 2011”

  1. Kim as per usual you over deliver! That bit.lr trick I am going to put to use straight away! I already know how am going to utilise that! Same goes with the affiliate one as I am boosting up searching for affiliates but that makes it even easier for them to promote!

    Thanks a bunch Kim keep those traffic tips coming!


  2. Great post Kim 100% commission is the way to go for sure reward your affiliates properly and in return you will have a an Army of affiliates sending laser targeted traffic to your business and helping to build your business faster than a speeding bullet. ( Or something like that lol ) Good post!

    • Yeah, 100% commissions makes it REALLY easy to recruit affiliates.

      Also, with RAP – the affiliate program is seamlessly integrated into the sign-up process so we also have about 40% of our customers becoming affiliates.

      Some sales systems will even automatically convert your customers into affiliates – which makes things go really viral :)



      • Kim,

        Have you tried Kenneth Kohs viral blog system? He includes a free script that supposedly does the opt in, 100% commission and upsell. Haven’t tried it yet but will soon.

    • Hey Ray, just noticed that you are from Toronto and was wondering what IM stuff you might be working on? I find it interesting finding people that in my local area that shares IM interest… seems none on my friends get it or are in any way interested! lol


  3. Hey, Kim! I’ve also covered the bit.ly trick before, but something you might want to add to your article is that the same trick works with Google’s link redirect service, goo.gl! If you see a goo.gl link, just add a + on the end and voila! I’ve noticed more people using goo.gl for URL redirects, so it’s equally as handy to keep in mind. =)

  4. The bit.ly trick is one I have been using for some time, but I was wondering why it has been exploding in popularity recently. So it’s because Jason shared it huh? Lol. :D

    Cool share, Kim.

  5. Great info Kim,I am glad i somehow found this blog of yours and now shall have to continue checking it with such great and free information,it will really help me out in my ventures.

  6. Kim, Thank you for sharing. I really like the WordPress Plugin idea, and it’s great you shared a couple of resources for outsourcing. I was looking for good places to outsource some WP plugins I would like to create…


  7. Very cool tips Kim. I also would like to add – when you click the bit.ly link, you can see the user, who added the link. Once you click on user, you can see all of his links. That is very, very powerful.

    • Hey Francisco,

      Great to hear from you!

      In reference to this post, what I’m referring to is creating custom WordPress plugins for your affiliates that allow them to easily integrate your offer into their blog.

      Hope that makes sense!



  8. Hey Ken,

    There are a number of different sales systems that you can use to do 100% commissions. I personally use Rapid Action Profits.

    Nanacast is another good one that you can use to do 100% commissions – but it’s not paid instantly.

    Rapid Action Profits is the one that is most well-known for 100% instant commissions that are paid immediately into your affiliates PayPal account.



  9. Kim, yet again more Traffictastic tips… I still haven’t got over the crazy value in “Traffic Dashboard”. I use many of your traffic tactics everyday and my blogs, videos and articles have seen a big increase in traffic since implementing them.

    Thanks for yet more great tips..


  10. I absolutely love it. Just when we think we’ve heard it all… you hit us with something totally awesome. I’ve already started implementing the traffic dashboard, and all I can say is Wow! I can’t wait to see what else you got tucked away in that brain of yours.


  11. Kim, Great information as usual! I really like the bit.ly tip… I have really enjoyed the Traffic Dashboard information. I am not far enough along for the wordpress tips but it is filed for future reference!!
    Hope you are enjoying your stay in Florida :) !

  12. Hi Kim,

    I was introduced to you by Tim Atkinson and your collaboration with him on the Traffic Framework videos. One word: KILLER!! I just wanted to say thanks for all of the great content. Traffic was my biggest issue, like most marketers, but with your training I feel reinvigorated. Here’s to crushing 2011. Thanks.

  13. It is always so good to get these kinds of tips and I am sure you know by now that your name is becoming pretty prevalent among marketers on the Internet as the “traffic queen”.
    It is amazing to me that you come up with this stuff that big time marketers, who have been doing this for a long time, have no idea that it even exists. Pretty cool I would say.
    Wondering where you are staying in Florida as this is where I live. Thank you as always, Paul

  14. As usual Kim – you simply rock my beautiful little traffic nerd, I am so happy to have found you in this tangled mess of people who routinely baffle spew Bull-S*#t, and then dazzle themselves in such a way as to publicly (via the internet) try to convince us all that their crap is truth… Once again Bravo & thank you!

    Peter Trapanese

  15. Hi Kim, Glad you’re having fun away from the deep winter chill.
    Well my friend true to form you never cease to over deliver the most relevant timely content packed with enough value for everyone to benefit from in a huge way if they implement it.

    I am confident you are edging out the other pros in the email in boxes of lots of people out there. One could easily cancel all the other hype filled email lists and just pay attention to you and truly succeed with out distraction.

    All the best to you Kim,
    talk to you soon
    Dave Castle

  16. Love your ideas. The widget idea can be expanded on just not for affiliate marketing but for sharing letting people put it on their sites. Do you have any ideas for getting back links as well?

  17. Hey Kim,

    First time to your blog. I was actually referred him from another marketer’s list. I’m glad to have found it as I have already found some very useful nuggets. The bit.ly trick is pure gold, as well as the goo.gl mentioned in the comments.

    Also, I wanted to add that the 100% commission route is definitely a great way to build a list. I like your idea of funneling the buyers through a membership site.

    Okay, now I’m off to look around your blog and find some other cool info :-)

    I also subscribed to your list.

    Coby Wright

  18. Hey Kim

    As always you deliver cool info that is often out of left field. If we only implemented 10% of the tips and tricks you share we’d be well sorted….

    Thanks as always.


  19. Hi Kim

    The third tip is really powerful, and it’s something that I learned when I was learning a lot from Gary Ambrose. The main reason that he got top affiliate for butterfly marketing was that he did several nickel mania promotions where he created a great little product and got all of the people who bought it to promote the site asap and for 100% instant commission and make a profit. As the price rose every x sales it was easy to make your money back.

    Doing this builds the best type of list, a list of buyers who are interested in a topic. If this topic has a major product launch and you’ve used the same payment processor as the launch then it’s not going to difficult to do well in this launch is it? Add a simple bonus and hey presto…

    Now sadly I’m full of great ideas, but rubbish at actually implameting the, myself.

    Hope that by sharing this someone has an ahah moment.


    p.s. A new site called digiresults.com allows you to create the sales button which allow you to pay out instant commissions and still keep control of the refunds. It also has a marketplace where affiliates can find offers, and even promote WSO’s.

  20. Thanks for the new spy tool. And the WordPress links. I often come up with ideas for a new plugin and he affiliate plugins would be great. When I market for affiliates I like lots of easy tools to market with.

  21. Great post Kim. Cool ideas.
    When I found out about the Bitly thing, I backed off from using it because I didn’t want others spying on me. Maybe that could bite me someday.

  22. Hi Kim,
    The bit.ly tip was extremely interesting and handy. But how is it that one can use it to increase the traffic to their website will be even more interesting and I am sure there will be thousands of views about it. Having said that the very fact that I can get to see details like traffic stats to these links from a lot of related internet marketers itself is very handy information.

  23. Kim, another fantastic tip! I also just got done listening to your interview at Underground Traffic Secrets and I must say that yours was the best in the course! Also, I want to thank you for turning me on to Safe Swaps. I’ve added more than 1000 subscribers to my list since joingin 2 motnhs ago! Keep up the great work and all of the great traffic tips!

  24. Kim, I just went through your traffic program AND LOVED IT!!! I used your strategies from your product and did my first product launch at $97.00 to a few hundred people and ended up signing up over 70 people! I have also created an e-book entitled “How To Maximize Your Health In The 21st Century” a few weeks ago and posted it on free-ebooks.com and its been downloaded over 1000 times. My list has tripled in a month and I just started this whole internet thing! You’re a freaking rock star! I can’t wait to see what happens when I start implementing the other 90% of your ideas! :) Thanks so much Kim! You’re a rock star!!!


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