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(Part 1 of 3) – Unusual Traffic Strategies for 2016

Unusual Traffic Strategies

We’re starting a brand new series this week all about new and unusual traffic strategies for 2016.

This is Part 1 in a 3-part series.

I’ve personally been seeing a lot of “rehashed” traffic strategies lately.

Just the same thing being repeated over and over.

Things like…

Content Marketing
Guest Blogging
Facebook Ads
Blogger Outreach
Social Media
Link Roundups
Pinterest Group Boards
Google Plus Communities
LinkedIn Groups
Solo Ads
Ad Swaps

Guess What?

All of those are great.

But I’m ready for something fresh.

And that’s why I’ve created this 3-part traffic series.

To share with you some of the latest traffic strategies that are working RIGHT NOW.

And a few that you may not have heard of yet :)

So let’s dive right in to Unusual Traffic Strategy #1:

“Push Notifications”

These have become a staple on our cell phones. They’re those little messages you get on your phone telling you that someone has posted on your Facebook wall, or someone has sent you a friend request, or
that it’s your turn on “Words with Friends”.

Push notifications we’re originally introduced by Apple in 2009 to provide a way for mobile app developers to re-engage their users.

They quickly became one of the main marketing channels for mobile apps.


This technology has now come to the desktop.

Which means that your website visitors are now able to “subscribe” to your website without providing any contact information. No need to enter their name and email. They can subscribe to “desktop updates” with just one click.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

And here’s mine:

If you’re on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or an Android phone – then you’ve probably seen it at some point :)

But if not, you can also sign up using this big green button below…

Once your visitor has signed up for your push notifications, you’ll be able to send them short, quick messages anytime you want. Kind of like a “tweet” but sent directly to their desktop.

You can use these instant notifications to let them know about new blog posts, YouTube videos, webinars, or even product promotions.

What’s interesting about these notifications is that they are delivered in real time. You can send out a message just like you would to your traditional subscribers. But… this message is sent directly to their mobile device or desktop computer.

So no more worrying about whether or not your email gets through the spam filter. Or lands properly in their inbox.

Push Notifications are delivered straight to their desktop.

With an average click-through rate of 20% – 25%.

Compare that to the average email click-through rate of 3-4%.

That’s a 700% improvement.

In fact, that’s a higher CTR than almost ANY other distribution platform online. Including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, SMS, and email.

But keep in mind – I’m not recommending that you use this in place of email marketing.

But rather as an additional layer to your content marketing.

Push Notifications are a distribution outlet just like any other.

And by engaging with your audience on multiple platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Email, and now through Push notifications) you’ll be able to generate even more traffic and exposure.

It’s all about delivering your message via multiple platforms.

And push notifications give you a very powerful, seamless way to distribute your content directly to the desktop.

So yes (if you’re wondering) Email Marketing is still KING.

But push notifications are looking pretty sexy.

And I think you two should get into a serious relationship :)


Setup Push Notifications on Your Website in 5-Minutes (for free!)

You can build a list of up to 500 “Desktop” subscribers (for free) using a service called

In fact, that’s what we’re using here on

Once you sign-up for a free account, you’ll get instant access to your dashboard.

Next you’ll need to install PushCrew on your website. Which you can do easily in just a few minutes using their WordPress plugin.

Once installed, your website will automatically start inviting visitors to “subscribe” to push notifications.

You can customize the modal inside your dashboard.

From here you can upload a custom image, headline, and button text.

This is also where you’ll send “notifications” to your subscribers.

Notifications sent to your desktop subscribers can include a 48 character title. 100 characters in the main message. And a URL.

You can also include a custom image.

As soon as your push notification has been sent, PushCrew will give you real-time data on how many clicks you’ve received.

Another cool feature is their Welcome Notification.

This gives you the ability to send an immediate notification as soon as someone subscribes.

This allows you to incentivize your visitor to subscribe to push notifications.

Because as soon as they do – they will receive an immediate link to your free gift.

If you’re an ecommerce site, you could offer your visitors 10% off their first purchase in exchange for signing up for push notifications.

A LOT of cool things you can do here using the Welcome Notification.

It’s similar to the email that is sent out immediately after someone subscribes to your newsletter.

But with push notifications – everything is being delivered directly to their desktop.

No need to enter their name, email, nada!

Simply send short, punchy messages direct to the desktop and start generating hundreds of visitors
to your blog each time you hit “send”.

It’s a beautiful distribution outlet that you can add on top of your email marketing.

Plus – it’s just a lot of fun too :)

Sending messages that go straight to the desktop.

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