How to Create a Wildly Popular Blog


What does it really take to become a ROCK STAR blogger?

What are the secrets of mavens like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Darren Rowse, Guy Kawasaki and Mari Smith?

Is it a magical Chinese cocktail? Hidden super powers? A couple genius clones
they keep locked in the basement?

Well… that would be cool – but not quite the right answer.

Although I’m sure that Chinese Cocktail might help… Or any cocktail for that matter :)

But the fact is that anyone willing to put in the hours can obtain these blogging superpowers.

Here are the 5 steps to creating a wildly popular blog…

1. Create Epic Content!

Create Content that Matters. Be Epic!

Great content is the foundation of any decent blog.

But if you want to become a Rock Star blogger, you MUST create EPIC CONTENT!

And you must do it better than anyone else.

I need to crave your content more than I do my daily Starbucks.

Sonia Simone calls it cookie content. I call it crack content.

Your content should be so good your readers literally become addicted.

You do this by creating “infotainment”.

That magical combination of information + entertainment.

People will come to your website to get value, but they’ll tune in EVERYDAY to an engaging, entertaining personality.

Content that is infused with your own unique voice.

Truly great content will change the way your reader perceive a particular topic, idea, or thought process.

Create content that makes people think. Inspires. And challenges your readers.

World-class content takes time.

I personally spend 6-12 hours writing a post for my blog.

Ramit Sethi from ‘I Will Teach You to be Rich‘ regularly spends 12 to 18 hours writing a single blog post.

Pat Flynn from spends 8+ hours on a single post.

Think about it?

Are you REALLY pouring your heart into your blog posts?

ROCK STARS do it day in and day out.

Popular bloggers spend 6-12 hours writing a blog post. How much time are you spending? – Click to Tweet


2. Engage with your Community

ROCK STAR bloggers get in the trenches and build their communities one-by-one.

The great thing about building an online business today is that you can literally
bootstrap your way to stardom via social media.

Social media is turning EVERY person online into a content creator, a citizen journalist, and a buzz facilitator.

When you build a community of raving fans – they will do all of the marketing for you. Sending you thousands of visitors via sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

But you must first engage in conversation. Interact with your community.

Fortunately, this can be done with a few quick searches on Twitter or Facebook.

Social media platforms allow you to engage in the conversations that are ALREADY
taking place inside your customer’s head. Engage in that conversation.

In the old days of the Internet your main forms of contact with your community included your blog and email.

But now we communicate via multiple touch points and engage with our community on a deeper level than ever before.

Here are just a few ways you can turn your visitors and subscribers into RAVING FANS…

* Facebook Q & A (I love to do speed coaching sessions on Facebook)

* Webinars (Create a dialogue and give people the opportunity to interact with you
on a one-on-one basis.)

* Google Plus Meetups

* Live videos out on your back porch. (Nothing beats authentic transparency.)

ROCK STAR bloggers are getting in the trenches. Responding to EVERY blog comment. Answering every email. Listening to the needs of their readers. Sending personalized emails to top commenters. Following their readers on Twitter. And engaging with their readers on multiple platforms.

You’ve got to care your face off!

That’s how you create RAVING FANS.

Build your audience FIRST. Engage with your audience on a level that other blogger’s aren’t willing to do. Then build your product around their wants, needs, desires, and frustrations.

3. Personality Marketing

You can no longer separate your business life from your personal life. It’s all connected.

YOU are your brand – whether you’re quirky and crazy or a late night insomniac. You’re online identity is no longer anonymous. Be yourself and people will love you for it. People want to communicate with people, not an anonymous username.

Personality Marketing is the core foundation of becoming a ROCK STAR in your market.

It’s the ‘magic sauce’ in your business.

You must infuse your personality into EVERY piece of content you create. Your emails, your videos, your articles, every piece of content should be branded with your personality.

Business is about HUMAN connection. And the only way to truly connect is by being completely you.

Be yourself… quirks and all. Tell a story about your cranky boss, or how your kid keeps wetting the bed, or your latest Starbucks addiction, or date night gone wrong!

People will be attracted to you because you’re REAL.

When Oprah recommends a new book people rush out to buy it because she’s built up an amazing amount of emotional equity on the back of personality marketing.

People tune in to personalities.

We’re attracted to characters – think Oprah and Howard Stern here.

You want people to tune into your content in the same way they would their favorite tv show or their favorite talk show.

By providing outrageous VALUE and building a RELATIONSHIP with your subscribers, they perceive you as a trusted friend rather than a sales person. Which makes them much more likely to open your emails, read your content, and buy any offers you recommend.

As you skim through your inbox you’ll notice almost all of the emails lack any kind of entertainment, personality, or human connection.

Most online marketers are boring their readers to tears!

That’s why Personality Marketing & Authentic Engagement are two of the biggest opportunities for entrepreneurs in 2012

Become an interesting character and polarize your audience!

This creates a DEEPER relationship with your subscribers and moves you one step closer to ROCK STAR status.

By giving them a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at your life you pull them into your world. You give them a reason to care and tune into your content EVERY day.

You build a foundation of trust.

And trust is really the foundation of selling.

But it’s NOT easy. In fact, radical honesty can be some scary stuff :)

It requires you to step OUTSIDE of your comfort zone.

But THAT is exactly where your business grows the most.

4. List Building

A lot of blogs never reach Rock Star status because they’re not capturing their visitors and turning them into subscribers.

In fact, if you’re blog isn’t setup properly, the majority of your visitors will leave never to return.

But email allows you to turn one-time readers into loyal, long-term fans.

Those raving fans in turn spread your content and build your brand even further.

But it doesn’t matter how great your content is if your blog isn’t optimized to convert visitors into subscribers.

Here are the 7 tools you’ll need to transform your blog into a REAL asset…

* Opt-In Box (this should be placed on EVERY page in the top of the right-hand sidebar)

* Hellobar

* Welcome Gate – These are becoming a VERY popular tool for converting blog visitors into subscribers. You can see examples at,, and even the

* Footer Opt-In – One of the best places to ask for an email is after your visitor has consumed some of your great content.

* Subscriber Magnet – This plugin allows your readers to automatically subscribe when they leave a comment.

* Landing Page

* Pop-Up – Yes, I know… some people find them a little annoying but they ARE effective and you have to remember that this IS a business – not a hobby.

Michael Stelzner recently announced that 60-70% of their 165,000+ subscriber list has come from the pop-up on their blog.

Your subscriber list is quite literally the lifeblood of your business.

And in order to become a Rock Star blogger you must build a community that is
“on tap” at all times via email, twitter, Facebook, mobile and other platforms.

So provide VALUE first. Build the relationship FIRST and the selling becomes secondary.


5. Build a Blogging Alliance.

This is the final secret to becoming a Blogging Rock Star!

And quite frankly, I thought about leaving this one out.

Keeping it in my own bag of tricks :)

But that’s really not my style.

So here goes…

The final key to obtaining ROCK STAR status is to build a blogging alliance.

This is a handful of like-minded bloggers who strategically work together to grow their blogs faster.

They comment on each others blog. Swap guest posts. Share each others content on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

With a group of blogging friends, you literally have traffic on tap simply by sending out an email, IM, or Skype message.

But the RELATIONSHIP comes first.

And when you put the RELATIONSHIP first. When you put GIVING first, you’ll be amazed at all of the incredibly powerful synergies that come from that.

Plus, it just makes blogging a lot more fun :)

Cause your family and friends sure won’t know what you’re talking about!

So having a group of blogging buddies is a great mastermind of sorts and it allows each blogger to grow faster than they ever would alone.

Success doesn’t come overnight. It’s earned.

You earn it by the value you create.

You earn it by getting in the trenches and ENGAGING with your community.

The fastest way to become a blogging ROCK STAR is to create mind-blowing pillar content, sprinkle in some entertainment, and engage on a level that other marketers aren’t willing to do.


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  1. Kim! Love your work and what you’re doing in the online world. I think how you CAPITALIZED on originality is definitely something much needed to be discussed. It really is a shame how many people do what they call “viral blogging” where they just grab random content off the Internet and publish it to their blog because their too lazy to put in the work. Being original means being your own voice, whether you feel some people will not accept you or not. Great post.

  2. Ok Kim, this is just the second of your posts that I ´ve read and at first I was like thinking “oh no, another post about quality content and building a community…” I´ve read a bunch of those already. And I do have a pop up box for people to sign into my nesletter, but it looks so boring! So I´m changing it to the pippity that looks so much more fun. And then the welcome gate, that´s something that I´m sure works great. I don´t wanna be too invasive and maybe if I have a pop up sign in thing + te welcome gate + the hellobar, it might be too much! What do you think?
    Thank you, you have lots of good tips here!

  3. Hi Kim
    some great ideas here. I was not sure about like gates or pop ups etc but from what you have written here I can see that they are a very successful tool in building that all important list.



  4. Kim,There no ways for me to make a nice content.There are a lot of information you posted in the blog that are really useful. When i read your blog I can collected more than 10 useful articles at the same time.Thanks for your contribution.


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