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You are not alone.


Today I want to share a little story with you
about how I first got started online.

Now keep in mind I come from a family that is
ALL about security and getting a J.O.B.

I mean, that’s the responsible thing right?

I remember when I first told my dad that I
was dropping out of college to focus on my
online business.

Scariest day of my whole freakin life!!!


I knew what I wanted and nothing could stop me.

Unfortunately, my parents couldn’t quite see
the vision that I could see so clearly.

Now – don’t get me wrong.

I certainly did NOT know ‘exactly’ how I would
get there.

But I knew that I WOULD get there!

Whatever it took.

* Late nights…

* Starbucks Doubleshot…

* Strange looks from family & friends…

Have you ever got those strange looks?

Someone asks you what you do…

You reply with your best effort to explain
online marketing and they kind of tilt
their head a bit, squint their eyes
and sit there looking dazed and confused.

To this day my grandmother still gives
me that ‘look’.

But let’s face it…

Internet marketing can be a lonely world.

Sitting behind your computer all day
doing things that no one else really

It’s like being a lone ranger.

You don’t even KNOW anyone who does this stuff.

None of your neighbors, friends, or family
have a stinkin clue what you do all day!

Can you tell that I’ve totally been there :)

In fact, when I was just getting started –
sometimes doubt would start to creep in.

Are they right??

Should I really get a J.O.B.


I was much too stubborn and persistent for that :)

But I took the hard road.

I figured out everything myself.

Even taught myself HTML – old school!

But you don’t have to take the hard road.

2 miles uphill, through the snow, over the
railroad tracks, and scattered through a
dessert waste land.

It’s easy to get dazed and confused out there!

That’s why I want to give you the easy route.

A shortcut of sorts…

So you don’t have to make all the same, silly mistakes.

Instead you can get a complete, behind-the-scenes
look at EXACTLY how I’ve built my six-figure business.


* My exact traffic sources.

* My exact business model.

* Every split-test we’re doing in our business.

* Every email we send out.

* And how much profit each source generates.

Don’t ever ‘guess’ what you should do next in your business.

With this battle-tested formula you’ll ALWAYS know exactly
what to do next to grow your business fast…


And you sure won’t get those strange looks from your
family anymore!

Instead, they’ll be asking how you do it :)

Back to the Lab!

– Kim

P.S. One of my students just recently sent me
a testimonial letting me know that she had
generated 74 new subscribers in a single
day using just ‘ONE’ of the traffic
strategies we teach.

I can’t wait to see what happens when
she implements a few more!

That’s what happens when you belong to
a community of A-players who all share
what’s working in their business.

It’s a mastermind of nerds!

But some very profitable nerds :)

We have a few more spots left if you qualify:

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